5 fatal mistakes telemarketing operator

The phone rings. Your potential buyer is busy, but answers the call, secretly hoping to hear something interesting and distract from the solution of the next everyday problem. He says: “Yes, I am listening.” And in response – silence. This pause does not last long, at which point the system automatically sets up a conversation with a cameraman. And only if your client has not yet hung up, you should immediately attract his attention, otherwise, you should not risk losing the chance to make a sale or you can take help of Telemarketing Company UK.

To date, 9 out of 10 telemarketing operators make mistakes that lead potential buyers to slip out of their hands. By making one of the fatal errors described below, you may lose good sales opportunities. Take this into account:

ERROR FIRST: Failure to start a conversation – you know the old saying “People buy from people.” It is very important to establish contact with the person on the other end of the wire in order to communicate freely with him with the help of Telemarketing Services. If you start a conversation without prior preparation, the pause will be delayed, and then they will tell you:

“Excuse me; please repeat who you are.”
Having felt your confusion and inability to start the simplest conversation, your interlocutor is unlikely to want to continue to communicate and negotiate with you about the purchase.

ERROR SECOND: Inability to improvise. – As they say the military, no battle does not go as planned. In other words, if you too strictly adhere to your pre-planned strategy, are not ready to change tactics and adapt to the interlocutor, you will fail.

The ability to rebuild in the course of a conversation is especially important in telemarketing. You should be able to direct the conversation in the right direction, and not limited to a fixed script. A potential client can challenge you, try to confuse you and lead the conversation away, so you must be ready to change your strategy and maintain the right direction for the conversation.

ERROR THREE: Misleading – One of the most stupid mistakes an operator can make is to impersonate who he is not. For example, to raise your status or just lie about who he is and why he is calling. At first, it may work, you may be able to win over a potential client, and you will even communicate well. But as soon as he finds out the truth, your authority will collapse once and for all, and the chances of selling will melt like smoke.

ERROR FOUR: Monologue. – Each of us has ever talked with such an operator: without even bothering to ask: “Are you, Mr. X?” He begins to pronounce the contents of his script without stopping. Did this method even EVER work? Telemarketing is not only talking but also the ability to listen; it is two-way communication and establishing contact with another person which is perfectly done by the best Telemarketing Company UK.

ERROR FIVE: DOUBTS – if you do not know all the obstacles that can prevent a potential buyer from making the decision you need, then you are not ready to do your job properly.

Inexperienced telemarketing operators only partially know what doubts they may hear from a client and are lost when they encounter witty and observant interlocutors who can throw questions and express objections that operators have not yet had to consider at their weekly sales meetings. In this situation, you must consult Telemarketing Services.


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